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High-quality skin care that has been improved for men

BotaVita's long-awaited men's series is here

BotaVita was born as a feast for bare skin🎄

Pursuing simplicity and high quality

Sophisticated and simple design package

The ultimate item composed of special ingredients used for each item
will heal your loved one's daily life
br /> Aiming to be a source of confidence and vitality


Common ingredients

It is an extremely item that uses special ingredients for each item based on common ingredients that are rich in plant-derived ingredients. BotaVita, whose concept is botanical life, thoroughly develops skin-friendly products and does not use the following ingredients.

Mineral oil

Synthetic fragrances
Synthetic pigments

* For details, each Please check the product information

Trivia of special ingredients

Customer's voice

"The scent of bergamot that becomes a habit becomes addictive." At first, I thought it was a little quirky, but gradually it became a pleasure. I'm looking forward to skin care.
Major IT company / male
"Skin care for non-greasy men" I have tried skin care several times, but most of them were shaved for 3 days. The reason is that the greasy teri gets tough after the day. BotaVita HOMME was a new skin care product that you can spend a refreshing feeling without getting greasy even after the end of the day.
Management consulting company representative / male

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