About Aqua Yeast

Among the more than 500 types of yeast, we have focused on a yeast called Schizosaccharomyces pombe, which is derived from the yeast used in East African corn

beer called pombe wine. This yeast is called fission yeast because it multiplies by fission, which is characterized by the fact that it multiplies in the same way as the cells of higher organisms such as humans. (Common yeast grows in a form known as budding.)

Fission yeast is cultured and the components contained in the yeast cells are extracted to produce aqua yeast.

Feature 1. Amino acid composition close to human skin

It was discovered in the 1960's that human skin contains a substance called NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), which is essential for retaining moisture in the skin.

Aqua Yeast(*) has an amino acid composition very close to the NMF inherent in human skin. As a result, it is easily absorbed into the skin and is expected to strengthen the skin's NMF and maintain high moisture retention capacity.

Feature 2: Highly moisturising and anti-ageing

Aqua Yeast(*) is used on the skin to reduce water evaporation from the skin's surface and prevent skin irritation. It penetrates into the stratum corneum and keeps the skin moisturised and healthy. It is also highly moisturising for ageing skin and is recommended for anti-aging care(**)

(*)Schizosaccharomyces pombe extract

(**)Age appropriate skin care